happy dog walking


At Celtic Canines we believe that walks should not only be about exercising and toileting but should also be an opportunity for mental stimulation and play.  For dogs who love to be social we offer:

1 hour Group Walk (travel time not included)

  • Max. 6 dogs.

  • Personality matched groups to ensure your dog is spending their day with their best friends.

  • Variety of walking destinations.

  • Safe transport.

  • Hypoallergenic treats.

  • Kind and considerate handling.

  • Daily walk updates.

  • Towelling down of soggy coats and muddy paws.

  • Refreshing water bowls and settling back home to rest until you get home.

  • Dog walks available from 10 months of age.

Price :  £12 per 1 hour walk (all inclusive)

* If you have a sensitive dog in need of solo walks and some help in confidence building please enquire about my bespoke walk and train packages.


The first 16 weeks of your new puppy's life are their most important in terms of socialisation and introduction to the world around them.  Our puppy visits offer:

30 minute visit 

  • We will provide feeding, cleaning up any accidents, toiletting time in the garden, play and training practice.

  • Once your puppy is fully vaccinated we will start to take them on short excursions to build new experiences.

  • Gradual increase in time spent walking to protect joint development and growth.

  • Daily visit updates.

  • Kind and considerate handling from a qualified reward based trainer.

  • Additional support available through our training packages to help with any bumps on the road.

  • Puppy visits available from 8 weeks to 10 months of age.

  • Graduation into group walks at 10 months of age if requested.

Price:  £10 per 30 minute visit (all inclusive)

* We can also offer visit services for adult dogs who don't need a full walk but just need a chance to stretch their legs in the garden or surrounding area.  This can be particularly useful for elderly dogs or those recovering from illness or injury.  Please enquire for more details.