Happy dog training and behaviour


Be your dogs best friend and train in a fun and compassionate way.  Celtic Canines use science backed reward based training methods.  We will show you how to train your dog using games and fun exercises to help you overcome the training hurdles that most owners and their dogs encounter at some stage in their relationship.  Our 1-2-1 training consultations can either be given remotely through video chat or in person in your garden or local park. We can help with recall, loose lead walking, house manners, tricks and much more.  If there is anything you want to achieve with your dog and just aren't sure where to start then get in touch!

1-2-1 consultations consist of:

  • Fact finding short telephone consultation to get to know you and your dogs needs.

  • 1.5 hour private consultation in person or via video chat.

  • Email follow up with lesson plan tailored to your dog.

  • On going email and telephone support.

Price:  £50 per 1.5 hour private consultation.



Our puppy classes are focussed on helping your pup build all the life skills necessary to grow into a happy confident dog.  

  • East Lothian classes.
  • Reward based training that you and your pup will enjoy.

  • Covering focus, recall, loose lead walking, and much more.

  • Friendly, supportive environment.

  • Suitable for puppies 14 - 20 weeks of age.

  • Classes run for 6 weeks with each class 1 hour long.  

  • Classes limited to 6 pups so each can get  1-2-1 attention.

  • Please check our Facebook and Instagram pages for details of latest venues and dates.

Price:  £90 per 6 week block.

1-2-1 Training

Need some advice in helping your new puppy reach their full potential and grow into a  happy confident canine companion?  You might prefer 1-2-1 training to a class environment or maybe you are looking for additional support to run along side your puppy classes.  Celtic Canines can help!  

Our puppy survival package consists of:


  • 90 minute private consultation in person or via video chat.

  • We cover all common puppy training problems such as toilet training, mouthing, settling at night, jumping up and much more.

  • Puppy survival kit with handouts of helpful exercises, tips and games to solve your training problems.

Price:  £75 per 90 minute private consulation.


"Behind every behaviour is an emotion"

If your dog is struggling with something then we are here to help.  It may be separation anxiety, resource guarding, reactivity towards other dogs or people.  Every dog is an individual so we will look at every aspect of your dogs life to work out why they are behaving the way they are and show you how to communicate and connect with your dog to help them grow their confidence and flourish.  Before a behaviour consultation takes place we may ask you to book a health check with the vet to make sure that pain or another health condition isn't a factor in how your dog is acting.


Our behaviour consultations consist of:

  • Thorough fact finding questionnaire to establish the circumstances surrounding your dogs behaviour.

  • Phone consultation to discuss any immediate management practices necessary.

  • 90 minute private consultation in your own home or via video chat to discuss your dogs behaviour, why it is occurring and what we can do to help them.

  • Written report detailing your dogs tailored behavioural therapy plan emailed within 1 week of your consultation.

  • Full email and telephone support.

Price:  £90 per private consultation package (all inclusive)


*Please be aware that for complex behaviour issues more than one private consultation is often necessary.  We are here throughout  your journey helping your dog become their best self.  Follow on consultations regarding the same behaviour issue will be priced at £60 per hour.